Njavarakizhi/ Shashtika shali pinda sweda/ Rice Bolus

Njavara’ is rice which is harvested in 60 days. Full body or Local application of bolus containing njavara rice cooked in milk and herbal decoction is done for 30- 45 minutes. The bolus is applied over the body by dipping it in wam mixture of milk and herbal decoction.

Rejuvenates skin for a glowing healthy look, enhances complexion, anti- aging, relieves stress, strengthens nerves and muscles, relieves fatigue, helpful in hemiplegia, facial paralysis, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, nourishes, strengthens degenerative/ depleted tissues. It removes stiffness in joints and improves digestion. Mahamasha tailam, shastika tailam, etc are used.