I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoarthritis. I have had severe pain in my knees, unable to walk properly for past few years. I started taking Ayurvedic herbs that Simmi recommended. I have not able to take the recommended dose as usually forget the evening dose. She had also recommended few Ayurvedic oil massage and therapies. Whenever I did follow the protocol especially ayurvedic oil massage, I used to get a lot of relief. But I have not been consistent. Starting a new protocol again with Simmi. Wil keep you all posted!!
Thank u so much Simmi for ur helpful treatment, bcz of u i m feeling so gud!

seema saggar

New York, NY

I have been suffering from migraine and insomnia for past many years. And fortunately after starting herbal recommendation from Simmi proved to be a blessing as I was able to sleep much better!! As for my migraine, I used to take painkillers every other day. I started the protocol with Simmi. It’s been 4-5 months in which the headache came once a month and that too due to the food and activity that Simmi had told me to avoid. She is giving me a different protocol as I am not able to be strict with my diet and cannot or I should say do not want to avoid eating few things she has recommended I avoid! Will post after 2-3 months on the update. Thanks Simmi you are awesome and treating me so patiently.

Mukti Kapoor

New York, NY

I’ve struggled with hair loss, insulin resistance, and PCOS since I was 9 years old– I’ve tried everything from birth control, metformin, and just diet/lifestyle changes, but I was still experiencing hair loss, weight gain, and irregular periods. It took a few months until Simmi found the perfect protocol to help me and I started noticing my weight stabilize and my periods become regular. I’m a college student so it’s hard for me to have an intense protocol, but Simmi accommodated my busy schedule and my resistance to drink Ayurvedic liquids/jams.

I B.

Midtown East, New York, NY

I had been struggling with acute allergies over several years. Tried every possible medication but it only seemed to have got worse with time. Even went to an allergist. Was prescribed steroids along with several other medications but the end result was negative. I grew up, not believing in Ayurvedic medicine. As honestly there is a lot of misinformation out there. Due to sheer frustration and lack of results I gave Ayurveda a chance. Simmi was able to give me herbs that did not require me to change anything but resulted in miraculous improvement in just a matter of few months. Within two months of taking the herbs I was able to see the difference. It took approximately six months for me to be completely free of my allergies.
Apart from allergies, I was also suffering from lower back pain from many years Again in about 2 to 3 months of taking the herbs from Simmi I am in much better shape. I highly recommend simmi and Ayurveda. Thank you for all your help

Hidayat K.

New York, NY