When one thinks of Sidh, one invokes one of the many names of Lord Ganesha because such a name is bestowed to those who have attained the highest levels of mastery through practiced skill. When one thinks of Ayurveda, one invokes the name of the ancient Indian tradition of attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Sidh in sanskrit means proven, fact, accomplished. and Ayurveda means knowledge of life as it is composed of Ayur + veda meaning life + knowledge.Here at Sidh Ayurveda , we help a healthy person (swathasya) maintain & protect (rakshanam) his wellness (swasthya) and help a person with imbalance (aaturasya) to achieve balance. “Swathasya swasthya rakshanam Aaturasya vikara prashamanam”. Balance is achieved when “Samadosha samagnischa samadhatu malakriya Prasann aatmendriya manah swasthya itiyabhidiyate” which means that health is attained when all the three functional energy (doshas), digestive strength (agni), tissues (dhatus), excretions (mala) are balanced and when soul (aatma), senses (endriya) and intellect (manah) are in harmony.

Simmi Chopra is an Ayurvedic Practitioner/ Doctor from Kerala Ayurveda. She has graduated from the finest doctor program in the USA based on BAMS syllabus with internships in Kerala ayurvedic hospitals and clinics. She has been practicing in NYC for the past few years at SIDH Ayur. She has a double Masters in Biostatistics and Molecular Biology from Rutgers University and JNU which makes her understand health problems from both mainstream as well as Ayurvedic perspective. She has published an article at Columbia University journal- “Ayurveda: Controversies and the need for Integration with Mainstream medicine”

Her latest NAMA conference at Tucson, Arizona in April 2022 was on “Preventative care in Geriatric Health ” which is a much needed topic as the lifespan is increasing but quality of life is going down with no relief for the elderly, which is where Ayurveda can help prevent as well as give relief to these problems in old age.

She has worked at PURE YOGA as an Ayurvedic specialist.

She holds workshops on Ayurveda in which she empowers people to start taking charge of their health and start eating, living mindfully according to Ayurvedic principles and start being aware of the warning signs the body and mind gives before a health problem can manifest.

Our Services

  1. Consultation
  2. Guideline about diet and lifestyle according to your constitution (Prakriti) and seasons
  3. Panchkarma treatment for chronic disorders and prevention of diseases.
  4. Ayurvedic therapy for rejuvenation of your body, mind and senses.