Consumer interest in immune health is ongoing, and wellness programs continue to be a great fit for these guests, thanks to any number of immunity-boosting offerings like supplements, lymphatic drainage and other holisitic methods. Here’s what the experts see trending in immune system support.

“The current trends I’m seeing in immune support combine a return to the old tried-and-true with cutting-edge research. The connection between the gut microbiota and our immune system is now widely understood, with at least 70% of the immune system housed in the gut. Utilizing the benefits of rotated probiotics (particularly keystone species) and prebiotics is incredibly important. Now, we also have the introduction of phages. The phages target and eliminate bad bacteria in the gut and help with a host of conditions. Another trend is therapeutic mushrooms: reishi, turkey tail, lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga and more! These support immune function, brain health, nervous system function and even hormones. You can find them in powder, liquid or capsule form. The final simple and consistent go-to’s are exercise, supportive sleep and time in nature on a weekly basis. Balance is key!”