Management of Prostate, ED, PE and other health problems in men

Men’s problems usually get sidelined or ignored mainly due to embarrassment.

1st/ Detox – Balance phase-  1-3 months

  • Balance the digestive strength (agni) with help of diet and herbs
  • Digest the undigested food/ toxins (ama) from the gut and mind with help of herbs specifically for the gut and mind..
  • Remove any inflammation or blockages with herbs
  • Diet according to the imbalance in the doshas (vikruti) keeping in mind the body constitution (prakriti) of the person

2nd/Rejuvenate phase – 3-6 months

  • Rejuvenate the tissues concerned so the problem does not recur
  • This is done with the help of rejuvenative herbs and maintaining a balanced diet according to your body constitution (prakriti) as well as keeping in mind the imbalance of doshas (vikruti) that you are prone to.