Management of PCOS, other menstrual disorders and menopause

More and more young girls are being diagnosed with PCOS, or some menstrual problems. PCOS with insulin resistance is on the rise. Besides unsuitable diets, stress is also a major culprit in PCOS.

In a balanced state, women ease into menopause and do not experience any hot flashes. But due to wrong and incompatible diet and lifestyle which does not suit their body constitution, women experience menopause symptoms ranging from hot flashes to vaginal dryness.

So  require the following –

1st/ Detox phase-  4-6 weeks

  • Balance the digestive strength (agni) with help of diet and herbs
  • Digest the undigested food/ toxins (ama) from the gut with help of herbs.
  • Remove blockages, cyst or fibroids with herbs
  • Herbs to balance hormones
  • Diet according to the imbalance in the doshas (vikruti) keeping in mind the body constitution (prakriti) of the person

2nd/ Balance phase –  2 – 4 months

  • For vata imbalance found in amennorhea, vaginal dryenss as well as pcos, different herbs are given and therpaies like vasti may be recommended.
  • For pitta imbalance found in menorrghea, menopause as well as pcos, different herbs are suggested.
  • If needed, panchkarma is suggested for best results.
  • Therapies like pichu, vasti are recommended.

3rd/Rejuvenate phase – 6-12 months

  • Rejuvenate the tissues so the problem does not recur
  • Rejuvenating herbs to keep the hormones balanced
  • Maintaining a balanced diet according to your body constitution (prakriti) as well as keeping in mind the imbalance of doshas (vikruti) that you are prone to.