Management of Mind related health problems

Stress has become part of our lives causing anxiety, depression, memory problems and other mind related issues. Ayurveda combines therapies, herbs and counseling to help in mind related issues. When we cannot digest the overload of sensory inputs, toxins in the mind are formed leading to mind related problems. Gut is involved as there is a brain gut connection.

1st/ Detox phase-  4-6 weeks

  • Balance the digestive strength (agni) with help of diet and herbs
  • Digest the undigested food/ toxins (ama) from the gut and mind with help of herbs specifically for the gut and mind..
  • Remove any inflammation with herbs
  • Therapies like shirodhlepa, shiropichu, takradhara
  • Diet according to the imbalance in the doshas (vikruti) keeping in mind the body constitution (prakriti) of the person

2nd/Rejuvenate phase – 3-6 months

  • Rejuvenate the tissues concerned so the problem does not recur
  • Nourishing therapies like shirodhara, ksheerdhara
  • This is done with the help of rejuvenative herbs and maintaining a balanced diet according to your body constitution (prakriti) as well as keeping in mind the imbalance of doshas (vikruti) that you are prone to.