Management of Allergies – Seasonal, Food

Allergies have digestive, inflammatory and immunity components. Same food or pollen or dust can be an allergen to some while normal for others.  When an individual’s system is weak, and has toxins, inflammation, then food or pollen or dust will trigger a reaction. So requires the following –

1st/ Detox phase-  4-6 weeks

  • Balance the digestive strength (agni) with help of diet and herbs
  • Digest the undigested food/ toxins (ama) from the gut with help of herbs.
  • Avoid the allergen as much as possible for 6 months to 1 year until the tissue are rejuvenated.
  • Weekly or monthly mini detox(virechana) maybe suggested according to the condition.
  • Diet according to the imbalance in the doshas (vikruti) keeping in mind the body constitution (prakriti) of the person

2nd/Balance phase –  2 – 4 months

  • Balance the doshas involved in the health condition with herbs and diet.
  • Weekly purgation(virechana) maybe suggested
  • Therpies like patrapotla sweda, shashtikashali pindasweda
  • Panchkarma is suggested for best results.
  • Therapies like shirodhara, kati vasti etc suggested.

3rd/Rejuvenate phase – 3-6  months

  • Rejuvenate the tissues concerned so the problem does not recur
  • Balance the immunity so it does not attack your own cells.
  • This is done with help of therapies, herbs and maintaining a balanced diet according to your body constitution (prakriti) as well as keeping in mind the imbalance of doshas (vikruti) that you are prone to.
  • Introduction to the allergens –
    • Slow introduction of foods that were causing a problem.
    • Exposure to the environment that was causing the allergies